You are in for a treat! Woodzen—a talented group of young'uns!—have invited Nikki & Rich to share the bill with them at MetroNOME Brewery. Nikki & Rich start the night with a 45-minute set, and will be joined by a few Woodzen members to create a full band. Nikki & Rich will play songs off of their latest, 'Sugar in the Rock.' (Pick up their album at the show or one of many local record stores, including The Electric Fetus!) Be there!


Complaint To Make 

I've added ‘Complaint To Make’ to the website in the music player located at the bottom of the home page. For those who may be wondering which album it's from, ‘Sugar in the Rock’ is the album ‘Complaint To Make’ is on. Check it out online on any of the streaming sites, or, if you're in the Twin Cities area, the following record stores are where you can pick one up: The Electric Fetus, HiFi Hair and Records, Roadrunner records, Know Name Records, Barely Brothers Records and Mill City Records. ~N

Last Friday at the White Squirrel 

The rockin' trio last night at the White Squirrel! Thank-you friends for coming out to see us open for Matt Arthur & his band. It was a loud sweat-drenched night of emoting, drama, and me threatening to get feisty in the Irish part of St. Paul. :) ~N